Every day I work my way towards living solely on my passion. A full time artist that never waits for the weekend... Because every day will be rewarding. 

I am reminded each day that life is short and that each of us makes choices to either stay where we are or to show up and transcend ourselves to unimaginable places. I choose unimaginable places. I choose to be fearless. I choose to exhibit my soul on canvas for all to judge and choose to keep my head healed high despite how it is received. I choose to live boldly. Rather than cautiously test the water, I dive straight into life with freeing abandon. I imagine the person I want to be and the life I want to live and simply commit to both. I believe in myself. I embrace my artistic talent. I choose to discover my passion. And whatever I do, wherever I go, I am not afraid to make a giant splash. Being fearless isn’t about being 100% not fearful, it’s being terrified but you jump anyways. -DG inspired.

My art; I am a 100% self taught artist. I get my inspitration from everything that surrounds. Each day I find myself inspired by new things, people and feelings.

I would classify most of my art as contemporary abstract. but I am constantly changing and adapting my skill sets. I have dabbled in portraits,pets, landscapes, modern, mixed media and all kinds of others mediums.

Live each day with a touch of creativity and a lot of happy, for tomorrow it will just be yesterday!